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Advanced Waste & Water Technology, Inc. specializes in wastewater treatment and disposal services, which we perform through an advanced patented technology. AWWT's mission is to provide a variety of water treatment solutions for contaminated water so it can be returned safely to the environment.

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Apple Wastewater Treatment Technology
"Recycled Wastewater: Good Enough for Apple, Inc."

Besides discussing many innovative wastewater treatment methods on this blog, we also like to look at ways that wastewater is put to use. From brewing beer to watering crops, wastewater can be put to use in numerous applications in a wide variety of industries. Now, tec...

Wastewater Treatment Technology
"Strange Bedfellows? Gas Companies & Environmental Groups Agree to Wastewater Standards"

A collaborative of natural gas companies, environmental groups, and NGOs joined forces in 2013 in order to set standards for the safe discharge of treated shale wastewater. The result was The Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD), a group that has created impo...

BREXIT Oil Prices
"Brexit’s Impact on Crude Oil Prices May Surprise You"

Since mid-2014, excess supply cut crude oil prices nearly in half, bringing West Texas Intermediate (WTI) to below $30 a barrel in January of this year. In February, oil prices reached a turning point and prices have posted monthly gains ever since. That is, until Thurs...


The Clear H2O Method

  • Assess

    AWWT conducts preliminary assessments of your systems, facility, and processes to determine productive methods for wastewater removal, management, and treatment.

  • Control

    Through a patented technology, AWWT will implement the most effective treatments based on our investigatory findings and your wastewater management needs.

  • Safeguard

    Collectively we will achieve and maintain “green and clean” solutions through protection and management planning of your future wastewater treatment methods.